Sustaining the environment and conserving natural resources are top priorities for many organizations around the world and Phoenix Electronic Enterprises is no exception. We are committed to evaluation of the environmental impact of our activities and products, to develop measures of our environmental performance, to reduce our carbon footprint and to continually improve our results.


Environmental Management Policy

Phoenix recognizes and accepts its responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and to help achieve a state of sustainable development. In support of these responsibilities Phoenix has established the following commitments:

  • Compliance with all applicable state, federal and local legal requirements relating to environmental management.
  • Conservation of natural resources, including energy, through source reduction, waste management, reuse and recycling wherever practical including reduction of scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pollution control.

    Phoenix Electronic Enterprises, Inc. is committed to a greater than 50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 global emissions by 2025 from 2019 levels.
  • Continual environmental performance improvement through the involvement of all Phoenix employees and partnership with the local community.
We Need Your Support

In order to realize the benefits of environmental management we need our employees, vendors and stakeholders to understand and support our commitments to sustainable development. Through partnerships with our staff, contractors and our local community we can:

  • Improve operational environmental protection
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Realize cost savings
  • Fulfill customer requirements
  • Develop competetive advantages

Help us avoid negative environmental impacts and achieve a state of sustainable development!